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get ready for a tumblr art dump later today

also i still owe a picture to the kiriban winner that shall be coming soon as well

ayuppp that is all!
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well shit i happened to notice i'm almost at a million, and if you're gonna do a kiriban for any number, might as well be a million

whoever gets my 1 millionth hit, send me a screencap and i'll draw you something

ok that is all

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deviantart WOWOW have i been neglecting you. i have a bunch of stuff i could've put here but just never did... maybe i just will then maybe i just will

most of the stuff was on my tumblr first so if you follow me there things might get redundant up in here.

also im really into wreck it ralph now



into it.

good day to you
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the sight of totally kyle on my journal was starting to irritate me
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amazing spider-man was good

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i can't do anything just a little bit, i've found. it's all or nothing. whenever i obsess over something my real life and responsibilities start their slow decent into the shitter, so i think it's time i step back from dream world for a bit and reenter the world of the living.

that's not to say i won't submit anything here, it's just the frequency is gonna drop heavily. probably. who knows. every time i say i'm gonna get my shit together i somehow end up exactly back where i was? 1 step forward, 800 steps back. oy.

in other news my big sis (who's not much older than me) got engaged last weekend and i've been deemed maid of honor... making me feel simultaneously happy and old. and weird. she's 23 and engaged, i'm almost 21 and have never been in an actual relationship. is that weird? probably not i guess... but it makes me feel weird.

okay yea rambling. i'll try and get the first glimpses thing up in the next few weeks.

okeeeey. time to not fuck everything up. let's do this. and hunger games next week. aw yis.

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needed to remove the previous whiny ass journal from my front page. so here's this.

also i've rekindled my love for teen titans. enough to finish a 13 page comic. stay tuned! hah CHA

yep. 7 years later, still making nooby fanart. with no motherfucking regretttts

see ya soon!

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at this point i think it's safe to say that majoring in art was a bad idea.
i drew yesterday, and it was fun. and i didn't ball it up and throw it away. yayy!

also, i made a fan video for the first time in a bajillion years:…
how to train your dragon style. oh, it's deep. haw

so, i'm concluding that these are good omens. artistically.

be back soon! : )


edit: just kidding about the video, i forgot about the stick up youtube's ass. but yeah, art soon.
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i lost my muse (spark, kick, will, inspiration, whatever) for anything artistically inclined.

i hope it comes back soon   : (
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this morning i when i woke up i suddenly realized that i needed to watch Space Jam. literally had not seen or thought about this movie at all since like... 1998.

so I WATCHED IT. and it was glorious.

seriously... i have thing. when i watched this movie as a little kid i would get all emotional... even though it was a weird halfassed potluck of live action, looney toons, and MJ... and i would dream about bugs bunny and basketball and shit... A LOT... and i would doodle myself as no, not mrs. michael jordan, but mrs. bugs bunny.... yeah.

of course that was before i went through my 'i want to marry shaggy from scooby doo and have his children' phase when i was 9. ah the good ol days.



what a nostalgic day.

OH YEAH... and i got a tumblr... since i'm incapable of posting little sketchies here for some reason i plan to post them there. and maybe some random shit too. so follow me, if YA WANA.

the end!


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my heart may just explode <3 wuv you icarly

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WARNING: 5 minutes of your time are about to be wasted, proceed at your own risk

so.... i quit my job. YEAHYEAHYEAH. and since i have a midterm in 8 hours, naturally the thing to do is to spend a long time making another da journal!!! okay so here is the story behind finally quitting my job at the mexican grill:


spend the entire day using time wisely before I have to go to work: ydoow!

see that it's 4:50 pm and there's 10 mintues left before I have to go into work and make burritos and clean shit for the next 9 hours: ydoow!

next 15 mintues spent using time wisely: ydoow!

Ohmahgahhh  I'M LATE AGAIN

drive to work

get there late and start to clean shit

chick comes right up to the counter on her cellphone but takes 20 minutes to decide what the fuck she wants:

giving her the "just fucking decide" look

I take her order and try to make friendly employee to customer conversation, she gets back on the phone

when she turns her back

make her a perfect quesadilla and she has me remake it cause she wants to add more shit in there at the last minute:

and she's all

and I have to be like

but really I wana be like

and also like

have worked for 5 hours but 3 more hours til shift is over:

eating the food when no one's looking

1 AM and I spill something and there is a line out the door and there's just me and one other person… customer asks me if I'm ok

5 minutes to close and a bunch of people walk in:

closin time

me locking the doors just as someone wants to come in

realizing I have an hour of cleaning to do before I can go home

4 AM, I can finally leave

realizing how shitty my job is

quitting the next morning

spend an hour making this journal: ydoow!


i admit. i'm a tumblr wannabe. to el max.

kay laterrrr MUCH

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woahwoahwoahwoah. they changed how they do journals since i last made one. nottttt entirely comfortable with changeee. any kind of change. even this. yes. anyway as usual with dA journals i have some funny but also kinda pathetic life stories for youuuu!

so, you know how you have those times in your life when all you do is your stupid job, and then you come home from your job and just wait around doing nothing until you have to go back to your stupid  job the next day? and you wake up at 2:30 pm and you're like 'oh yeah... class' but then it's like meh and you sleep for another hour and then watch 17 episodes of friends (cause you know... FRIENDS ydoow!) and then maybe around midnight you're like... i should probably do something with my life... like prepare myself for the future or something... (or you have war flashbacks ydoow!) but then you remember you have to work tomorrow and it's likeeee "ehh might as well do nothing while i can!" and suddenly it's sunday and you can't access your desk because there's a pile of dishes that date back to the 3 peanut butter sandwiches from last thursday... and there's no such thing as floor space because everything you've worn in the last week coming up to your knees... oh... and you're out of underwear. probably could use a shower... and it's 3 AM and you're making a deviantart journal with too many pointless gifs. MAN.

yeah. there's a lesson to be learned somewhere in here... the answer can be found... in another episode of friends. haaaaah downward spiral FTW AW YEAH. ydoow!

i know i've complained and whined and wahwahwahhhhed about this job before, and it should be like, 'if you hate it so much, just fucking quit you n00bus!!!" But whenever i talk to people i look up to about it, they're like "ehnooo.
GIFSoup you no quit. y-you stay een job. it good for you." b-but it's draining my creativity and personality and ability to wake up before 1 pm and willingness to do anything but stay in bed and watch internet tv! "ehnoo, no, no." why do i listen to this poo. probs cause i'm a major nonconfrontational passiveagressive PUSHOVERRR


trahahaha so... what up with you guys? obviously not much goin on over in the land of lime! i have cool ideas for stuff... art stuff... about things... yeah. i'll get there. i just get so nitpicky about what i submit in my gallery... which is stupid because a few days later the picture i spent ages nitpicking over is kindof noobish. so all that time i spent... never... actually... mattered... hm. i'll try and just wing it. i want to get better, i do, i just need to access my inner thundercat and find the proper WILLPOWERRRR. YEAH.

i just need to draw more. you craycray hey arnold fanatics who do iscribble... i wana GET IN ON THAT. one day. woopwoop

SO: in conclusion: my to do list. (not necessarily in this order)
-leave my room (work does not count)
-laundry. important
-eat something besides honey bunches of oats with old milk
-go to class... figure out excuse for not going past few times (that doesn't involve a funeral in California because i already used that one)
-watch friends.

oh-kay! i think i'm all set! hope all is well! you know... i wish i was better at making internet friends... cause those of you on here who are nonpsycho are pretty cool. yes well. sentimental awkward dA moment... over! retreating back into batcave... now! likelihood of reporting to older sister's 9 AM gym date... not likely!


PS: okay last gif but i swear this is the reason why i am uninclined to shower in this shitty apartment: duno why i'm so gif happy. i don't even have a tumblr. hahah OKAY BYE
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i'm about as motivated as these guys right now:…


tis nice to update this doodad every once in a while...

work, work, work. : ( why is it not yet christmassss??? plus i'm in one of those bummy moods where you feel like everything you make is crap and you suck at life and you'll NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING. ANGSTY ANGST ANGST.

and i officially hate my job. i pulled an employee foul the other weekend and totally cried in front of fellow employees and customers and shit... hahaha funny in hindsight but godDAMN. story:i worked 9 PM-4AM friday night and saturday night, and them bitches have the nerve to call me on sunday morning and tell me they neeeed me and there's nooooo one elseeeee. WAH. so i get there all tired and pissed and my burrito rolling was really not up to par. then they hand me an order to deliver- i take it, drive there, girl who didn't even tip opens the door and goes WHERE'S MY DRINK I ORDERED A DRINK BITCH (and i suddenly found myself in the episode of spongebob where they deliver the pizza...) and at they same time my manager calls me to tell me i forgot the drink.


haha then i drive back, stalk up to the counter to grab this XXXXXL big gulp drink, and i knock it over and fucking diet coke goes everywhere and all over everything... :iconforeveraloneplz: CUE THE TEARS. hahahah my fellow employees were going 'um... it's cool... we own a mop' and i'm like IT'S NOT ABOUT THE DRIIII HIIII HIIIIINK

pffffft in conclusion. food service is a good time!

also, i'm COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. i swear, i bought the dvd and watched it literally 9 times last week. AWW YEAH LET'S PUT ON OUR RAPE FACES FOR HICCUP :icontoothlesslick2plz: :iconhiccupplz: and omahgahhh this skin looks like toothless

ummm yeah think that's all :3 now... work :iconsrstoothlessplz: hahah i swear im done after that one.

lime... AWAYYYYY
Gif Created on Make A Gif

(...quite honestly i only made a journal so i could put in that boss gif that i made.)
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yarrrrYARRYarrrr. what so i come back and my sweet ass premi membership is gone. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT.

so i had been sans (SANSSS aw yeah) computer for forever and a half before i was like fuck this i'ma gettin a mac. and that i did. and it is fucking sweet man. WHY DID I NOT DO THIS BEFORE. i want to marry this computer and have weird robot babies with it. no matter how frowned upon. but i just upgraded like all my systems man. i went from using photoshop 6.0 (which i have been using since 8th grade ahahaha) to having CS fucking 5. haha i haven't used it yet because i opened it and it kinda blew my n00by mind butttt I'll get the hang of it? haha. whatever i was due for an upgrade!

so now i have a computer again. much much easier to do homework/commissions/stupid crap WITH a computer. yes. i looked at a couple of my HA! pics with this the macbook pro and the colors look really wonky. lovely. isn't it weird how you can spend hours doing something and geek out over it and love it and then look at it like 4 or 5 months later and loath it?? like dude i put all this time into this jank. i should at least like it a little bit. but sadly with like 95% of everything i've done... no. poo.

in other news it's kinda weird being an art major and takin all these art classes again. i'm kinda glad i'm starting all over cause towards the end of high school i was gettin a little cocky there and i wasn't even that great, so CLEAN SLATE ftw. back to figure and still life and pencils and allll that good stuff. i kinda miss painting weird cartoons though, hate how that kinda gets pushed aside when i get a tiny bit busy. with anything. haha last semester i was drawing hey arnold in all my classes but i was also... not paying attention in any of my classes. hence crappy report card. where is the friggin balance man!! ah well. lately i've been geekin over iCarly and i've had this sweet idea for a sam/freddie picture for like... a month. FAIL. my poor dusty tablet. i blame work. those giant 800 calorie burritos don't roll themselves yaknow. ha. hahaha.let'see. i saw a lady gaga concert last month. it was legit. legittttt

i'm gonna have to test out sweet new cs5 eventually so i figure i'll update soon enough. i am engaged to my hardware after all, i need to spend more quality time with it. i have some good ideas for original stuff too... of course ideas means jackshit so i'll have to follow through with one one of these days. fudge nickels.

hate how i'm either dead here or annoyingly active. balance, balance. K. this 2 AM journal is a closin.


PS> SEDDIE MAKES ME WANA THROW CONFETTI. especially after that iStartafanware trailer AW YEAH
PPS> CHECK OUT THIS FREAKING DOG... i want this dog.…
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oh joy

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 10, 2010, 2:48 PM
[CLOSED] commssion info:…

summer, where for art thou man?

okay, seriously. FUCK trying to get a real job. i've applied to like 13002 places and NOTHING man, nothing. haha sorry I just had to vent for a second. just tired of needing/wanting things that I can't get because I'm broke as shitttt. although the commission $$ has helped, so thanks guys who commissioned me.

I can't help that I'm i'm impulse buyer. what if i need important stuff right away. like this jank here. I NEEDED THEM. ydoow! oh man those guys were such a fucking rip off...


in other news i being the coolest person ever spent like 12 hours writing an... legasp... iCarly fic! hahaha and I'm actually gonna link it right now because i'm lame and spent so much time on it and i should, i duno, do something with it lolol. and i be a shameless self pimp. BECAUSE I CAN BE. ha. only read if you're super cool and you think seddie is the best thing evarrr>>…. or if you have nothing better to do. score!

alo i'm pretty sure I've been watching too much iCarly, because the other night i dreamed i was riding in a car at like 2 am with miranda, jennette and nathan and it was awkward because they were all pissed about something and they had an annoying fan in the car with them (me)... so I was trying to make a good impression and show them that i wasn't a total noobwich. then miranda's phone goes off and her ringtone was the buzz lightyear tv commercial except instead of "calling buzz lightyear, come in buzz lightyear" it was calling miranda cosgrove, come in miranda cosgrove. so I'm like hahaha, buzz lightyear, that's funny, and she gives me the biggest death glare ever. then i woke up.

haha the first thing i did after i woke up was change my ringtone/sounds on my phone to the buzz lightyear tv commercial from Toy Story 1... now everytime i get a text i feel like star command is calling me and it's really fucking legit. aw yeah buzz fo lyfe


have a joyous day. I hope your significant other/bestfriend/landlord bakes you a cake for no reason and gives it to you today.


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COMMISSIONS CLOSED 8/31/10: hey guys, commissions are temporarily closed for now. i just got a job and classes are starting up again, so things are getting busy. i'm just gonna finish the orders i have and maybe start these up again later. thanks to you guys who ordered from me!

Hay hay hay. How's kicks internet peeps? Summer's goin by fast, lesigh. Spain was beautiful, and it had the best aquarium I've ever been to. They had a ton of walruses there… I love a good walrus.

Anyway… the point of this journal. I know you've heard the whole 'I need extra money please buy commissions from meee blahblahblah' deal before… you've even heard it from me. HAh. BUT… this time I'm serious about needing money. (get ready for I've got no money whining… if you say ehnooo no whiners please skip to the next paragraph) hahaha my bank account currently has negative 30 dollars. Yes… negative 30. Apparently I've been paying for Netflix for months (damn those free trials!!) and they overcharged my account, and then they charged me like a 30 dollar fee for overcharging. Bastards. LOL, so yeah, I've got no job because I've got no job experience (vicious cycle), I can't even mow the lawn anymore because of the mono and lawn mowing is somehow "vigorous activity", and I can't keep borrowing money from my little sister. LAMMMEE. But I can draw okay looking cartoons, so… (/whining)

Commission info! (wootae)

$12- sketch of a single character, no color. Example:…

$20- Lines/flat color of a single character. Example:

$24- Lines/fully shaded color of a single character. Examples:,,

Each additional character is $10. I'm referring to full-bodied characters, but if that's not what you want, just let me know. As far as backgrounds go, it's not really my thing, but I can do them. If you're dyin' to have a more elaborate background in your picture than this or this, we can work something out with the price.
I can do up to four characters in one commission, whether they're interacting with each other or just standing in a coolio character line up.

Additional info:

When it comes to what I will or will not draw, I'm pretty chill. I can tell you that I won't draw straight up porn or anything, and nudity… ehhh. Not a big fan. I'm fine with artistic nudity but usually when people ask for naked cartoon characters they're not looking for artistic nudity. And not a big fan of fetish art either. So… yeah.

Also, my "official" (I guess you could call it that) style is currently this along these lines (it's pretty cartoony at the moment)>>,, but I can also do a lot of different cartoon styles from different shows… it varies. You can see what I've already done in my gallery, and if you want a style that you haven't seen me do before, just ask me about it and I'll let you know if I'm up for that style… the word style is starting to sound weird. I'm just assuming here that if you're commissioning me, it's because you maybe kinda like some of my stuff, so you sort of know what I'm capable of anyway. Sorta, kinda, and maybe are all great words.

How to get one/How to pay/what you're gonna get:
I only accept paypal, because anything else is just too messy, aha. When I'm finished, I'll email you a big ass jpeg of the finished picture.

If you'd like to commission me (because you like my work or you're a kind old soul or because you're just awesome, etc), just send me a note describing what you want. If you're not specific, I'm just gonna assume (assuming is fun) that you want me to fill in the blanks. I'll note you back with the price (if I accept it and you didn't ask for a weird 10 jillion character foot fetish lineup), and when you note me back with the green light, I'll get to work.

I'm also going to be asking for payment before I start the commission. I don't want to be shafted/ripped off/bamboozled, but I also know that you don't want to be shafted/ripped off/bamboozled, so:
If you don't receive your commission within one month of your payment, I will refund your money.

Last but not least… I reserve the right to post up finished commissions in my gallery... yup

Annnnnd that's about it! If you enjoy my work, or would just like to take pity on a person who is 20 dollars in debt to her 13 year old sister, please consider commissioning me! You'll be the apple of my eye if you do. No really.

Thanks guys!


PS: Toy Story 3… I don't think I've ever cried so much during a pixar movie. (good crying!) They came up with a perfect ending for our favorite bunch of toys. It bumped all the way up to number 2 on my favorite pixar movies order! Go see it!! D8
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well hullo there internet, i'm feeling random. oh i think you know the feeling. it's just so... orange


sooo anyways. now it's time to spout out useless information for the purpose of no longer having to look at my bad fanfic sadness of the previous journal. and since the date of that said journal, i have:

-watched Jaws 3
-gotten my driver's license taken away by the MAN
-spent all my time with people under the age of 7, thereby decreasing my vocabulary greatly
-NOT gone skydiving (damn skydiving place with their fucking faulty plane... HURRRR)
-got diagnosed with mono which is a bogus virus if you ask me. WOOT
-knit a quilt which included a cloth square with morgan freeman's picture on it
-created the word 'cheeseman blaster' on urban dictionary
-watched a shit ton of icarly
-sat on a couch.

and tomorrow i'm going to spain. SCORE

one of the above is not true. but's it not the one about spain, so peace out dA and remember, everyone's special.

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hey guys. just to warn you, i just finished reading this amazingly deep arnold/helga story after like 7 hours or something crazy like that, and i'm feeling pretty sappy.

anyway, it's 4:10 in the morning and also my 5 year anniversary on this freakin' website. i don't even want to know the amount of time i spent doing something or other on dA, because it's probably an embarassing amount, but oh well, we're all internet addicts around here anyway.

i specifically remember asking my dad for a scanner and paint shop pro in may of eighth grade, and him saying yes out of nowhere. i love when you ask your parents for stuff and they just give it to you even though it's not christmas or your birthday, because that is jus cool. and i remember my very first scan, that godforsakenly disproportionate portrait of kim possible that is the very first picture in my gallery (which i was oh so proud of, hahah showing it to my mommy and daddy and sister and friends and great uncle even thought nobody probably really cared lawllawllawl). BUT i remember looking at it on the computer screen after i scanned it and being, like, completely BLOWN AWAY. it was a caveman moment. hahaha, oh, good times.

I'm glad i haven't deleted a damn thing from my gallery because i just looked back through t for the first time in a long time and it's cool to see visible progress/phases haha. i mean duh i'm not OMGMichelangelo! or ANYTHING like that, but i've learned a hell of a lot about art since the good old kim possible days and gotten better since then. i've made a lot of crap but i only did it because it's highly fun with a non drug induced high...oh geez i'm being so nostalgic. and it's fun.

btdubs... all the comments i get on here mean a lot to me. there's not really many people in real life i can show what i make to, and it's nice to get some feedback, y'know? in fact i can list the people i know in real life who know about my little artsy alter ego on one hand. not counting the thumb. SO thanks for all the comments over the years... haha i know i sound corny. but i get excited to come back and read all the comments after going away for awhile. even the batshit crazy ones. a smile to my face they bring!!

lololol me and my 13 year old sister were reading some of my old kim possible fanfiction from 5 years ago(to this day i will never reveal that dreaded account...) and rolling around on the floor laughing at the sheer fucking absurdity of them... let's just say kim had some issues in my head. or something. or maybe i really believed she could actually be a suicidal maniac? i mean she can do anything HAH. anyway. i thought you'd enjoy the hilarity of a couple excerpts from my majorly fucked up brain garbage/vomit. hehe these were our favorites:

1) "He heart was filled to the brim with sadness and rage. She dropped lifelessly to her knees, and looked up at the grey, lightning filled sky as the rain caressed her face. Her sad, expressionless face. The rain stung her eyes, but she didn't care.

She glared fiercely at the heavens.

"I HATE YOU!" she suddenly screamed. "I HATE YOU! I SAVE YOUR DAMN WORLD, AND THIS IS HOW YOU FUCKING REPAY ME!" She heaved a large cry, sobbing and hanging her head. She hated god. She hated everybody. Because of them, Ron was gone. Because of them, Ron had washed away."
2) "I said save it Wade. I'm done. Team Possible-" she choked as she said this- "it's over."

"But Kim, I-"



Kim was boiling with rage. Why couldn't that little bastard just let it go?

"FUCK YOU!" she screamed into the tiny screen, causing the 10-year-old boy at the other end to be silenced with a hurt expression and a dropped jaw. "I HATE YOU! NEVER BOTHER ME AGAIN! YOU HEAR ME? NEVER AGAIN!" With that Kim hurled her Kimmunicator across her bedroom where she watched it smash into the wall.

3)"Wow. That loser is dead? Ha! It's about time!" The girl giggled to the group of people she had been talking to, but immediately stopped when she felt her hair almost get wrenched from her scalp. Bonnie fell on the cold tile floor, and looked up to se one of the most scary sights she had ever seen.

Kim was standing over her, looking down on her with a truly scary look in her eyes. In her pale hand she was holding a knife.

Bonnie froze. Kim wouldn't- would she? Then she heard Kim give off a low growl.

She would."

LOLOLOLOLOL ROFLROFLROFL BAD FANFIC ALERTTTT OH PLEASE PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME. GOTTA ADMIT IN 2010 THIS SHIT IS COMEDIC GOLD... there's also a point in the story where kim is like waving a sobbing shego around by her hair... WUT. and where the hell did kim get a large knife out of nowhere? was she really gonna take out bonnie in front of the whole school? did i have unresolved issues at 14??? oh geez. oh young teenagerdom. i praise god that i'm no longer the toolbag i was at 14. however 5 years from now i'll probably be thinking about what a toolbag i was at 19.

funny how the world works! hahaha here's to 5, 10, 128376182936 more years of making weird pictures that have no actual market worth! oh the simple pleasures of life.


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